Unlikely Heroes

The Cry of the Killer, Framed and the Festival

After an attack on the fishing fleet. The party was hired to disable the pirate fleet on the island to the east of the town. The party was successful in stealing the three main ships of the fleet and burning the docks, while dispatching a majority of the crews on the ship. A second party seemingly coincidentally attacked the pirate town and told the party to flee with the ships and that they would finish off the town. The party made off with the ships and were rewarded the largest ship named “The Cry of the Killer”

A poor attempt to frame the group as the vandals of the King’s statue, the party was able to investigate and exonerate themselves finding the true vandals to be the sons of the nobles.

On the day of the festival a strange high elf was sitting in the inn and was seen with Shabu’s ancestor axe shaft. He told them the location that he found the shaft so that the party could investigate the area. The trail took them to small valley where the party found the axe head of Shabu’s axe and were ambushed by a group containing the same elf, two hobgoblins, a shardmind and a halfling. After receiving more wounds than they could give the ambushers fled using a magical amulet that transported them away. A note was found saying they were to ambush and recapture the party for Nilligzem.

They returned to the town repaired Shabu’s axe and attended the festival’s opening ceremony where the party was to receive their reward for their many services to the town. In the middle of the governor’s long speech the King Kamar Ignimorcir the III jumped on to the stage outraged at the treatment of the people of Egru and was about to slay the king when suddenly a third figured emerged from a portal. The third figure, the Mage Maxeray, blasted the king off of the stage knocking him unconscious and a second blast of power disintegrated the governor. The party was soon beset by Maxeray and after a long battle the party was subdued by magic lightning nets from the sky. Just as the party was to be teleported away a golden dragon flew in and started to battle Maxeray freeing the party. Chaos erupted as multiple groups were all seen fighting each other. The party ran towards the docks and once on the boat was blasted to an unknown tropical region with a large part of the town that had also fled from the docks. Another crystal appeared that seemingly had a connection to Shamash after the magic of the teleportation channeled by the two other crystals had ended.

Finding land the party and townsfolk set up camp for the night. The next morning a copper dragon was found on the shore and told the party about the Ascension Crystal and the party’s link to it.
The party set off to the northeast to find the seventh person linked to the Ascension crystal as the townsfolk set about making a life in this new land.



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