Unlikely Heroes


Who needs a stinkin tagline?

The halfling Chieftan Binban stood, cornered, in the remains of what was once his throne room. The party battled him and rather handily dispatched him. After going through the cave they scavenged serviceable items to be used in case of further bloody encounters. They also found a note suggesting that the crystal that was locked up with them was being pursued by other and had more value than it would suggest based on appearances.
They soon heard a clamoring outside. The voices were different however and turned out to be from the local militia of the town of Egru. The militia was relieved to find that this halfling compound had already been destroyed by the party. The Captain offered to bring back the party and be rewarded for it’s aid.
The town was genuinely thankful for the destruction of the menace that had loomed so near the town. The governor of the town however was condescending and seeking to use this event to further his own image in the town. The ceremony was brief and the party headed towards the inn.
At the inn, the promise of a free room turned out to have been lost in the bureaucracy and there was no place for them to rest. The innkeeper struck a deal with the party to help him with a rat problem that was pestering his storehouse. Upon investigation of the problem they found it was a larger cave that led to the ocean that for a brief time had a rat problem. The storeroom was ruined, but the innkeeper decided to board it up and make a new storehouse elsewhere. The party received a shiny new sword for their trouble as well.
To get an idea of the area and it’s people they headed to the tavern used by the fishermen of the village. They found that the food and drink had much to be desired though. Quick trips were made to the brewery to find out the issues with the beer. The brewer had issues in his love life that seem to be solved for now thanks to the help of Norrin. Shamash began a hunt for herbs to improve the fish stew. On this trip however a magical disturbance was discovered. Now the party has gathered to investigate this arcane mystery…



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